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With the turn of the century, the number of work-at-home jobs has rapidly increased and the figures are still on the rise. This totally debunks the myth that you need to be inside the four walls of an office for you to have a fulfilling career. Now, jobs are becoming more and more flexible, allowing you to work anywhere and everywhere you wish. The number of online business opportunities and telecommuting jobs are endless but one particular possibility could be establishing a travel home based business.

With thousands of people making trips all throughout the year, a home based travel agency can help you earn serious cash. Currently, the travel market is worth $300 billion. You can set up your business in two ways: you can tailor it to be a referral agency or as a booking and selling agency.

Let me first explain the first one. If you set up your business to be a referral agency, you will be referring your clients to a certain, independent travel agency. You may opt to have tie ups with multiple travel agencies but it's quite usual for referral agencies to only work with one specific travel agency. If you wish to take this route, you will be compensated in the form of commissions. Every time you are able to successfully refer a client, the travel agency that you're working with will give you a referral fee or commission percentage based on how much they earn from your client. That sounds pretty simple enough.

Now, what if you were to set up your home based travel agency as a booking and selling agency? You will have more tasks and responsibilities on your plate than with the first option. If you set up a booking and selling agency, you will have to tend to the individual details involved in a trip which includes finding the perfect hotel and booking the flights. You will also be responsible for planning the travel itineraries of your clients. Essentially, what you need to do is to assist your client in any possible way you can in planning for their trip.

If you decide to become that kind of a travel agent, you will receive higher commissions because of the time and effort that you have put in. To receive these commissions, you will need to have partnerships with agencies that are linked to different airlines, cruises, and hotels. By doing so, you can score discount airfare and cheap hotel accommodations. The difference between the advertised rates and the discounted rates will be your commission. Sometimes these partners set a commission percentage according to their earnings. It's a fact that most hotels have to pay travel agencies 10% of what they earned from the referred client. Travel agents of this kind can also set their own rates and ask for service fees from their clients for doing all the needed preparations.

But just like in any kind of job, you will need to go through some series of trainings for you to become a travel agent. This does not mean that you really have to go back to school for you to become a good travel agent although you do need to have at least a high school diploma. All that you need to learn are the basic comings and goings of the travel industry like hotel, airline and travel policies that are necessary for you to plan a trip.

It would also be an advantage if you know the prevailing cultures of the destinations that you are offering, their languages, climate and famous tourist spots. Obviously, you need to have good communication skills in order for you to get through to your clients so command of the English language is essential.

That might sound a handful but it's really very achievable. There are so many websites that offer online courses regarding this subject matter. Look for an online course that is designed by someone who has gone through formal training or has been in the business for a long time. Most importantly, you need to have the passion for being a travel agent. Liking your job makes everything else less stressful. There's nothing like good old hard work to make your travel home based business succeed.

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