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The internet has become increasingly powerful throughout the years. It has grown from just a simple place where people can meet up and connect into a global marketplace where goods and services can be virtually sold and purchased. Just like in any kind of marketplace, for you to increase your profits you need a lot of people coming into your store. Generally, this is still the same concept that online businesses follow. They must get as many people possible to visit their website by generating traffic. If you master the skill of driving people to numerous sites, you can establish your own home business traffic generation.

There are essentially two methods of generating web traffic: paid and free. The most popular way of generating paid traffic is by running a Google Adwords campaign. So what exactly is a Google Adwords? Google Adwords is a method of advertising products by offering PPC advertising and text and banner ads site targeted advertising.

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising works by having advertisers select certain terms that will make their ads appear. They then have to specify how much they are willing to pay for every click. To elucidate for you the entire scenario, say you are searching for a term using google.com. The paid ads are in the sponsored links box.

But even with paid traffic, websites still have to compete. How does Google know which website should appear on the first page, the second page and then so on? Google evaluates every website by assessing the advertiser's account history, the landing page quality and the very nature of the business.

Paying for traffic is really easy to do but what if you want to generate traffic without having to pay for a single cent. What are your options? There are a number of ways that you can get people to visit you site and have your site dominate the search engines. If you master all these methods, you can become a search engine optimizer.

Article Submissions. You need to put out quality articles for this method. When you have the article whose theme has something to do with the website that you are trying to promote, you may then submit it to various article submissions sites. You can create links in your articles that would bring the readers to your website thereby increasing the traffic. The only thing that you have to consider with doing article submissions is that you need to have well-written content as some directories and submission sites reserve the right to reject articles that are poorly written.

Blogs. Blogs are the most innovative creation of the new millennium when it comes to the internet. Now, everyone and anyone can say what they want to without any inhibitions. Blogs are not just useful to teenagers who enjoy doing nothing the entire day but whine. Blogs are also helpful in search engine optimization. Most blogs contain advertisements of products that bloggers endorse. Some bloggers do this to earn money through the advertisements while others will employ this technique to help promote the products that they are selling.

The popularity of your blog will depend on two things: blogrolls and permalinks. Blogrolls, or the popularity of your blogs by means of affiliation, are often found at the sidebar of blogs. It includes a number of blogs that the blogger recommends its users to view.

On the other hand, measuring your blog's popularity through citations in the form of permalinks (that work by including an URL that leads to a specific blog after making its way from the archives to the front page) is tested to make blogs more popular in a lesser amount of time.

Once you have successfully maintained your blogs, you can generate traffic to websites even more by trading links with other blogs. You can look for blogs that talk of the same theme as your blog and post comments. Make sure to look for blogs that have high traffic so that more people will be able to read your comments. You can even maintain multiple blogs and link all of those blogs together. Finally when you are happy with your blog and its content you may submit it to blog submissions sites. Study all those methods and see if you can generate traffic for your home business.

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