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Home Business Scams

The internet may be an excellent tool to retrieve information, look for long lost high school classmates and maybe even look for love. But although it is filled with limitless work at home business opportunities, you can't dispute the fact that there are also so many home business scams in circulation. There are some scams that you know straight up are illegitimate offers, yet there are also a few that sound very convincing, as if you can really make money out of those jobs. You need to have a trained eye to spot legitimate businesses but until then you will be vulnerable to falling prey to online business scams.

Let me start the list of scams with the most classic of them all-stuffing envelopes from home. Amazingly, this method of deception has been around even during the US Depression of the 1920s. Now in the peak of science and technology, it has made its way to the internet. It starts off when you read an ad in the paper, magazine or some website that has something to do with stuffing envelopes and then getting paid a dollar or two for every envelope that you stuff. You're also made to believe that you'll be able to stuff as many as 1000 envelopes in every week.

You then mail your money and soon you'll be able to receive in return a manual with flyers (which mention some kind of make money from work scheme) that you will have to put up around town. When someone finally reads your flyer and decides to give it a shot, you'll be sent $2.00 in a pre-addressed and pre-paid envelope which you will then stuff with another flyer and mail back to the sender.

Another job found in internet scam lists is home assembly jobs. This is quite similar to stuffing envelopes at home only that you are promised work which involves the assembly of different toys and other craft projects. For every craft you assemble, you'll be able to earn for every piece. When you finally send in the starter kit fee which serves as payment for all the craft parts and instructions, you will be sent a letter telling you that you do not fit the qualities and standards of the company.

Pyramid scams are punishable in most states so you shouldn't even entertain the thought of getting into one. A pyramid scam works very distinctly. You will be promised rewards and huge financial compensation if you join them and start selling their products. But before you can be a member, you have to pay a fee to get in. When you are finally in, you will realize that your capacity to earn is dependent on the number of people that you recruit. However, it's impossible for you to recruit as many people as you would want to. So the odds are you will never earn as much as was promised to you when you decided to become a member.

As a rule, I never pay people to provide me with information concerning jobs. You must also avoid start-up fees from these websites. Stay clear of jobs that offer outrageous claims of salary. And if it is too good to be true, then probably it's not true at all.

These online scams have existed for so many years now, but how come a number of people still fall prey to these means of deception? The reason behind this is because internet scams often play on your flaws, your need for cash and on your lack of a career.

Most of the time scanners post jobs that are primarily there to employ people who are either sick, disabled or elderly. If you are someone in such a predicament, you're incapability of finding a stable, regular job may lead you to grab the very first job that is offered to you even if it's questionable. Stay at home moms are also often targets of these scams. They prey on how you need to make both ends meet and how difficult it is for you to provide for your children if you are nothing but a work at home mom.

Although home business scams are prevalent in this era of computers and the internet, all you need is common sense to tell apart which programs are good and which ones are good for nothing.

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