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Essential Website Pages
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Most home businesses need a website for true success, and there are some essential website pages for your online home business that might not at first sight make money, but that provide your customers with a feeling of security and confidence in your honesty.

Honesty is an important factor in internet marketing, since there are so many scams online these days, and the pages detailed below will help your visitors to believe in you and provide them with the confidence that they must have in you for them to trust you with their personal details - including their payment details.

Here are these essential pages that should appear on EVERY page on your website, and the reasons why:


Your potential customers want to know how they can contact you in the event of a problem. If they buy a product from you and it doesn't work, they will want to be confident that they easily contact you and get a human response. Many websites offer a "Support" link that is administered by a third party, and that has a no-reply email address. This is not good enough, and you should provide an easier way of making contact than that.

You must provide at least an email address that guarantees a human response within 24 hours. You could also provide a telephone number and a physical address. You will note that all of the top dogs offer a geographical mailing address, and this is a really great way of giving your potential customers a high degree of security.


An "About" page is always a useful way of gaining your prospects confidence. You can use it to demonstrate your expertise in the subject of your site, and to provide details of your past experience. One or two photographs are useful in making the visitor think they know you a bit better, especially if you have a young family. A picture of you with your children always works well.


If your site is to be successful, you will be collecting personal details and also banking or credit card details of your customers. You must have written policy explaining that their details are completely secure, and perhaps also a bit about the encryption methods used to ensure the security of their payment details. A bit of technical jargon always works well here, but it must be accurate. Impress upon them that no human being ever has sight of their credit card or banking details. You could even use this page to offer an affiliate security product if you have one. If you do that, offer it right at the bottom of the page, not as a major feature.


You must state in writing that you are making no guarantee of income, and that any examples you provide are examples only. If your site is health related, you must also state that the information you provide is not intended to be specific medical advice, and that the visitor should always seek expert medical advice for any treatment for any condition. You must state that you are not responsible for any adverse outcome of the application of any information on your website. This sort of disclaimer is best formulated by legal experts, and there are many available for a few dollars on the internet.

You should have a link to each of these pages from every page on your site, and the best way to do this is to write these pages first, and then link to them from your Home Page. You can then use the home page as a template for all the others, changing only the content and specific links, but not these four.

You will also find that Google looks for most of these when listing your website, and their presence or absence could determine whether or not your site is accepted as being suitable for Adsense program.

These are the essential website pages for online home business, and they do make a difference - trust me!

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