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Essential Contacts
for Home-Based Business Owners

Just like larger companies and corporations, home businesses need outside help to protect their key assets. In a home-based business, the central asset is you, the owner and operator. Keep these contacts on hand with pertinent information at your fingertips.

Owning your business is supposed to make you autonomous, right? In many ways, yes. But a one man band can only play so many songs, and only for so long. The following are just a few indispensable contacts that can make your life a whole lot easier as a owner.

The finances of a home-based business can get pretty hairy. After overcoming the initial hurdles of a feeble-loss-to-profit ratio, you still may run into challenges you can't overcome yourself. Several scenarios put you in need of an accountant. The first of these is spending an excessive amount of time doing your own accounting. You can't possibly focus on the primary needs, those of your customer base, if you're buried in numbers. This can harm the quality of your business. Find a reliable, reasonable and professional personal accountant. They can answer questions, manage the flows of cash from different places, and figure out where you're running dry. No one can have two eyes on everything all of the time. Having a reliable contact with good accounting skills will keep you out of the red.

Business always involves certain risks. Because one of those risks is always the possibility of legal action against your business, it is good to have a reliable attorney. Any patents, contracts, legally binding agreements or trademarks should be handled by a law professional. Some tax problems or financial difficulty can also be attended by your attorney. A good lawyer can advise you in business law when you have a question and prevent trouble you wouldn't even know you could get into. New owners are especially vulnerable to legal troubles. Find a legal professional who is familiar with small businesses and home businesses by requesting a referral. Ask other home-based business owners or your financial adviser.

Insurance is another hurdle for the home business owner. No business can properly conduct business without insurance on various levels. Consult an insurance representative about what your specific needs are. Develop an active professional relationship with your insurance contact. This is the most essential contact of all. The right insurance policies to protect your business against liability, fire and theft are priceless. That said, you also need your insurance agent to work within the reality of your business budget. Check with your agent about insurance packages. The rise in the number of home-based businesses in recent years has prompted many insurance companies to develop these packages. A package can be modified and personalized to fit your personal needs. Talk to your home insurance agent to get a referral. In fact, some home insurance companies can add a rider policy to your existing home insurance to protect the business.

Don't forget about your health care provider. See your doctor often, especially for the risks that may befall you as a home business entrepreneur. Figures show that many home workers suffer chronic pain and sometimes stress related illness from long hours at their computer desks. You want to build several specific contacts in the medical community. But firstly maintain all the regular checkups and stress tests appropriate for your age and health risks. Additional attention from a chiropractor for chronic pain and problems of the neck, back and wrists (carpal tunnel), is a good bet. The health of your eyes is essential to continue working independently. Get checkups with a trusted optometrist.

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