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Are You Ready for a Home Business

Each day, as you struggle to get out of bed, get dressed, rush your breakfast down and jump into the car ready for the morning rush and traffic jams, other people are turning over for another half-hour before deciding to get up for a leisurely orange juice.

As you are impatiently hooting your horn in the usual morning tail-back, they are throwing on a sweater and sitting down for their day's work - all two hours of it before heading off for the practice range. Are you ready for that? Or do you prefer to work for the man?

Of course you are ready for that, or at least you hope you might be. However, there is more to firing the boss than just starting a home business. 95% of all home businesses fail before they get off the ground, and do you know why? Lack of planning and the belief that working for yourself is easy. It also takes a certain kind of person to make it working alone, and if your favorite place at work is around the water cooler, then perhaps a home business is not for you.

However, if you are prepared for a few setbacks, and believe that you are going to have to put in a lot of hard work before you, too, can finally take that extra half hour bed and then work a couple of hours before hitting the golf course, then perhaps, just perhaps, you might be ready to get started. If you can work without chatting all day, and don't have to discuss every move you make and decision your take with other people before taking the plunge, then you will have a fighting chance of making it.

You see, internet marketing is not easy, and starting a new home business does not happen overnight. There is no such thing as "get rich quick" unless you win the lottery - and how many do that? That is why 95% fail: their expectations are too high. They expect instant "out-of-the-box" success that they are not going to get. They get disgruntled and impatient, and eventually give it up. You have to plan carefully- you might have heard the old trite saying "plan to succeed - don't plan to fail".

However don't give up the day job right away. If you are ready then you can get going with a new home business in your spare time. The time will come when you will be able to quit, but not yet. You will know when that time comes. Success comes to self-motivators that can push themselves to the limit to achieve their dreams. But there is more than that: it is the organization, the planning and the sharp learning curve that you are able to apply that will make the difference between you and the other 95%. These will be the key to your success, and that day will come when you too can finally turn over for another half hour before getting up and then . . .

So, is that you yet? Can you work independently without having to receive instructions, or are you lost without a list of stuff to do? Are you prepared to invest your time in your future, or are you happy finishing your eight hours and that's it? Are you able to regard home as your workplace, or will you be distracted and spend more time with the kids and the dog than on your websites?

All of that will come one day, but not if you don't work hard at the beginning. A home business means that you can take a day off when your kid is sick, or take them to the park on their birthday, but not that you can play golf all day, every day. Once you have everything running on autopilot, then you can take the odd day off for golf, but until then you have to work. Just keep in mind the benefits of working for yourself at home:

No more traffic queues every morning and evening. No more asking for time off. No more being worried about being fired. No more listening to inane people making inane remarks about your work. No more . . .

You can fill in the rest. If you realize that it will be hard work to start with, that you will need the day job for the first year or even two, and that you are at home to work, not to play around, then yes, you are ready for a home business, and there are plenty of ideas out there for you to start off with.

However, take one piece of advice: check out what is available first. What are other people doing, and what mistakes did they make? Check out forums and find out what the current buzz is. Use the experience of other people to decide what your first project will be, and once you have chosen a program do it the best you possibly can. The Internet is full of people wishing "if only".

Take the advice provided here, work at it and then progress from there. The most successful online businesses have more than one stream of income, and your first project might not end up being your major income source, so work at it until you have gone as far as you can with it then start on another.

Are you ready for a home business? Of course you are or you would not have read this far, and for you at least the future should be rosy!

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